Newport Folk Festival

Late this afternoon I had a chance to listen online to The Decemberists , the closing act for the Saturday show of the Newport Folk Festival. In the early years – the festival was formed in 1959 – it featured well-known artists Pete Seeger, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. Oops, I disgress. What was so special was that today I had a chance to hear and see today’s show. So I thought to pass on this note in hopes some of you might get a chance to hear tomorrow’s acts.

Sunday headlines include: Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello and Amos Lee. You should be able to listen to the Sunday show courtesy of WFUV. They have set up a Newport Folk Fest 2011 page. If you scroll down to the bottom of that page you will see a listing of most of the Newport scheduled acts. It will take you to dozens of’s archived performances and interviews.

If you visit the Newport Folk Festival site, you can download a free 2011 Newport Folk IPHONE/IPAD/IPOD app. Enjoy the show, tomorrow and online in the future – as the shows will be archived so I hear.


About Michael Swayze

Former county welfare agency administrator, using a combination of social work and computer skills to share information about community resources via the Internet. Online since 1995.
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